Healing & Deliverance

1). The primary strategy of the defeated one is to alienate and isolate all of us from the purpose of Yahweh and one another.
2).  As it pertains to believers, he primarily accomplishes his diabolical plan by doing something within our spheres of influence or lives that will adversely affect our finances, or cut us off from that which has already been supplied.
3). As it pertains to believers, if he cannot find a way to steal from us directly, he will look for a way to indirectly affect our finances through sickness, disease, poverty and failure.

Note: What I am hearing about all of this is going to be a game changer for all of us.

Question: How does debt and consumer driven credit spending fit into the above picture?

Question: Can we ever truly learn to be abased or abound, as long as our lives are being consumed with making a living, paying the bills and the daily grind?  Whatever happened to being content?

Question: If we continue to live our lives in debtor’s prison, will we not someday succumb to the pressure to continue to provide, and in the end be crushed by the weight of it all?

Conclusion: As long as our lives are tethered to debt, our health and livelihood are in jeopardy, and if our health and livelihood are in jeopardy, then all that we have become is at risk.

How To Conquer the Porn Epidemic in the Church

As sobering and mind-boggling as this report is, I found myself questioning it from the perspective of being a man, son & father.

It appears that it is suggesting that porn is less of a spiritual and moral issue and more of a brain chemistry issue, and that it should be dealt with in much the same way you would deal with any other addictions or psychological problems. That being said, I am not sure that this approach will work in a society and culture that is riddled with sexual dysfunction and confusion. Counseling and a support groups may help for a season, but I believe that this issue speaks to a much deeper spiritual issue that has somehow been disregarded. The real issue as I see it is that the religion of christianity and church attendance has taken the place of real and living relationships with both Yahweh and other men. To be honest with you, I am not sure what percentage of these men have been born-again or filled with the Spirit, and I am not sure whether they have any brothers and friends who can speak to how-to avoid going down this path. I am not sure they understand the reality of a transformed mind, or the ongoing work of Holy Spirit. The truth is, we all are exposed to sensual and pornographic images on a daily, weekly & monthly basis. In the long run, it will be up to us to make a conscious decision to try to lessen and avoid our exposure, and be there for one another whenever we have an opportunity to openly table this issue with one another. Things usually do not become epidemics without exposure and contact. We need to connect the dots and help one another conquer the demon of porn.

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