What Holy Spirit Is Saying TODAY!

The following is what Holy Spirit is presently saying to me.

1). Represent MY heart to those with whom you encounter.
2). Show them the way of MY love.
3). Teach them how to think, not what to believe.
4). Put them in a position to grow up and become.
5). Don’t keep them dependent and obligated to you or anybody.

4 thoughts on “What Holy Spirit Is Saying TODAY!

  1. I love the last point on your list. Was just talking about this to a 72 year old pastor yesterday. How the church needs to get out of the cycle of keeping the sheep dependent upon the pastor and they just keep on coming to meetings for years but remain dependent on the pastor after all those years, still not knowing with clarity what their ministry is, what their calling is, and how God wants to use them to function within the church and the community. Those days are over. It’s time for the Royal Priesthood to arise within cities and regions and bring the Kingdom.

    I would say not only put them in a position to grow and become, but also to function within the body and community. The days of the spectator churches are over, and its time for the Royal Priesthood to arise.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful observations. To be honest with you, there are to many people serving in leadership today who have never discovered sonship, and they are validated by those who will blindly follow them in life. True shepherds are an important part of all of our lives and real leadership includes, involves and incorporates others into ongoing work of the ministry.

  3. Blake, I remember Steve Crosby having an interview with a brother who said that he had been attending a church faithfully for 20 years and was taught to be faithful and come to all the gatherings each week and pay his tithes, but after 20 years, still had no idea what his calling was, what his ministry was, how he was supposed to function in the body and community. He didn’t know what his gifts were. He was just taught to be faithful to come to all the meetings. Later he realized what his calling was and began to function the way God wanted him to function. There is a lot of talk about equipping, but how much real equipping is going on that releases all of the saints into ministry. Where is the Royal Priesthood? Unfortunately today, most of the ministry is done by a handful of leaders and the rest are spectators. This must change.

  4. Marcus, I agree with your assessment of the situation, and I have purposed in my heart to speak to that which is lacking, wanting and coming behind the American Church System. However, we all need to consider that speaking to these issues must be done so in a way that nurtures relationship and fosters change. The reality of the truth for most is a hard pill to swallow, and real leaders don’t need someone else to make it happen for them. We all have a part in the ongoing work, and our place in the Father’s house is by His appointment. It is the responsibility of every son to embrace the Father’s Heart and Spirit in their lifetime, and there is nothing greater than sonship.

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