Properly Discerning the Body of Messiah – The Book


The past forty-four years of ministry have been a wondrous adventure of exploring the fathomless depth of His plan and purpose for my life. There have been times along the way that I thought that my journey was coming to an end, and then there have those moments when seeing a new horizon challenged my heart to continue to pursue the undiscovered aspects of His purpose for my life. I think it would be safe to say that my life in Him would be best characterized by a glorious quest for the REALITY of the TRUTH and a better understanding of HIS ORIGINAL INTENT. That quest has led me down paths that were long since grown over due to a lack of travel. It has also led me to the reality of the truth concerning our history, heritage and legacy as the people of Yahweh.


“Our history and heritage as a people is not limited to our personal religious experiences or our basic human understanding.”

It has led me to the reality of the truth concerning His original intent for all of creation. It has led me to a better understanding of the answers to the basic questions of life.

Question # 1: Who am I?

Answer: I AM a SON…

Question # 2: What is my reason for living?

Answer: To fulfill the practical will and purpose of Yahweh for my life…

Question # 3: Where am I going?

Answer: My present understanding of the Eternal Now has granted me entrance into the Eternal Kingdom, where I am living and abiding forever, life without end…

  • How do the answers to these questions fit into His plan and purpose for my life?

The answers to these questions will lead us to our manifest destiny as sons of the Kingdom of Yahweh.

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