One thought on “EX-Pastor Discards his faith

  1. Re: Letter to the editor concerning the X-Pastor who discards his faith in god and the supernatural after pastoring for 25 years. (Published October 22, 2016 – Johnson City Press)

    Note: After reading this story, I thought it prudent of me to write you a letter in response to request that you run another front-page, full spread story of hope and faith. And while I understand why this was a newsworthy story, it leaves people more hopeless and questioning than hopeful and informed.

    My Story:
    My name is Blake Higginbotham, and I came to a saving knowledge of the truth on June 14, 1970. By the help and grace of God, I have faithfully served Him for most of 47 years. However, this was not my first encounter with God or the supernatural. I first encountered Him at age seven, when He clearly spoke to me concerning His plan for my life. What you need to understand is, I was already well on my way to becoming a third generation drunk, drug addict, and womanizer. I was not raised in the institutional church and while my mother was a very spiritual and praying person, my father was an abusive drunk with no religious affiliation at all. In other words, I was born and raised by a family that was NOT RELIGIOUS. At fifteen years of age, I had another supernatural experience that brought me one step closer to another personal encounter with only true and living GOD. I had been drinking with my friends most of the day and late into the evening while chugalugging the final contents of a fifth of wine, I slammed the empty bottle down on the seat of my mother’s 1956 Buick Road Master and said, “One of these days, I AM going to be a preacher” In my drunken stupor, I was instantly reminded of my first encounter with God at age seven, and it so staggered me that I immediately began to sober up and come to my senses. What I said, was so out-of-context, that it snapped me out of a weekend drinking binge and scared my friends so badly, that they had no choice, but to take me home. It was then, that I began to understand that my life was not my own and the creator of the universe obviously had a plan for my life. It took me two more years to have that heart to heart encounter with GOD, but in a time appointed by Him, there would be no dismissing or denying that there was a real supernatural GOD. It was a hot summer evening, in a little town called Kaplan, Louisiana that I finally said YES to His proposal and plan my life. I was, as it were, arrested by Holy Spirit and caught up in a time capsule. In that moment, my life would change forever. In that moment, I heard the familiar sound of HIS voice say, “Find a place of repentance, and I will fill you full of life that you know not of” In that moment, I replied, what is repentance? He said, “just open and pour out your heart to me and I will give you life that you know not of.” Simply put, I said “I Will” and He did what He said He would do and more. He is still saying and doing more than I could have imagined. From that moment until now, I have experienced, encountered and heard His voice so many times, and in so many ways, that it would take and endless life and untold volumes of books to record the rest of the story. Selah!

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