Divine Healing & Deliverance

In this present reality the power gifts and manifestations of Holy Spirit will be reactivated in and through the lives of those who understand that they are an important part of the ongoing work of the ministry today.

There are a lot of people in this generation who are sick beyond the treatment and care of the miracle of medicine. Those same people have have been demonized for years and they are being tormented day and night by a spirit of infirmity.

Note: We need to rethink our position concerning so-called genetically predisposed and environmental sickness and disease.

Healing and deliverance was a big part of the ministry of Yahshua and He said, if by the SPIRIT and FINGER of Yahweh I cast or drive out demons, the kingdom of Yahweh has come unto and upon you. He also said, that Yahweh is kind to the unthankful and evil.

Ref. Matthew 12:28 & Luke 11:20 & Luke 6:35

Note: Healing and deliverance is a part of the full comprehensive plan of Salvation and the same faith that saved us will heal and deliver us. Divine healing, health and living is ours for the claiming and it is time for us receive the extensive coverage of all of His benefits.

Note: Hearing and Miracles are a part of our history, heritage and legacy. Yahshua is the same, yesterday, today and forever. By His stripes we were and are healed.

That being said, if we repeatedly need healing and deliverance for the same problems, it could be because of willful sin and disobedience.

The body is hard wired for healing, health and wholeness. It is up to us to do what we can to help it work like a carefully oiled machine. Restoring balance and harmony to our lives is Germaine to soundness and optimum health. Also, there are things we can do to unlock the LIFE that is contained in the DNA of Yahweh at the cellular level. By the word of the Spirit of Life and Truth, we can and will experience divine living by Faith.

Note: Everything that has Atomic Weight has a resonate frequency. There are frequencies and tones that can be used to reset our bodies to the default setting of optimum health.

Note: Most of what we eat is filled with processed sugar, salt, polyunsaturated fat, preservatives and other carcinogens. We all need to modify what we are eating and add 90 essential minerals to our diets.

Start with Vitamin D, Tumeric and Cinnamon.

Recommend Reading;

Life or Death – Blake Higginbotham

Dead Drs. Don’t Lie – Joel Wallach



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Healing & Deliverance

1). The primary strategy of the defeated one is to alienate and isolate all of us from the purpose of Yahweh and one another.
2).  As it pertains to believers, he primarily accomplishes his diabolical plan by doing something within our spheres of influence or lives that will adversely affect our finances, or cut us off from that which has already been supplied.
3). As it pertains to believers, if he cannot find a way to steal from us directly, he will look for a way to indirectly affect our finances through sickness, disease, poverty and failure.

Note: What I am hearing about all of this is going to be a game changer for all of us.

Question: How does debt and consumer driven credit spending fit into the above picture?

Question: Can we ever truly learn to be abased or abound, as long as our lives are being consumed with making a living, paying the bills and the daily grind?  Whatever happened to being content?

Question: If we continue to live our lives in debtor’s prison, will we not someday succumb to the pressure to continue to provide, and in the end be crushed by the weight of it all?

Conclusion: As long as our lives are tethered to debt, our health and livelihood are in jeopardy, and if our health and livelihood are in jeopardy, then all that we have become is at risk.